Different Types of Games

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Today, the gambling industry has reached the peak of its popularity. This is especially true of Online Casinos For Real Money. And all because this format is more convenient and faster than visiting offline establishments. Players from all over the world can afford to enjoy their favorite games without leaving home, especially at any time of the day. Naturally, online casinos are in a hurry to satisfy this need, attracting them with a large selection of games, bonuses, deposits and discounts. In this article, we will talk about what types of gambling exist in online casinos and what the advantages of each of them are.

Table games

Classic that is still preferred after many years. Perhaps this is where the success of online casino table games lies. Some people think they consist mainly of card games. And they are absolutely right. Find examples of table games below.

  • Blackjack is one of the easiest casino card games to understand. Players receive 2-3 cards in their hands. The task of the winner is to collect the winning combination to get 21 points. Usually this is a combination of an ace and any other card worth 10 points (queen, jack, ten or king).
  • Baccarat is great for those who love excitement. The point of the game is to determine the winner by comparing the hands (cards in hands) of the player and the dealer. Baccarat can end in a win for the player, the banker, or even a tie.
  • Poker is a popular game with a long history. You can play for Real Money or for free, honing your skills along the way. The goal of the game is to reach the most winning combination of cards. There are many types of poker with their own rules.
  • Roulette is not inferior to poker in its variety of types. But the essence is the same – the croupier launches the ball into roulette, the players place bets and the one whose bet wins wins.


Most online casino sites feature table games in the first section, but slot games take up the majority of the platform. And this means that the player always has the opportunity to choose the slot machine of interest. The essence of the game in slots is simple – the machine generates a random drop of symbols on the screen, and the player scrolls or makes a “spin”. Thus, the symbols can form a certain combination and bring the coveted win to the player.

Slots can be divided into 3 categories: mechanical, prize, video slots. Mechanical slots are slot machines that have three reels and up to five pay lines – winning combinations. Prize slots are visually almost no different from the classic version, but instead of a cash prize, players get free spins that  most often turn out to be winning. Video slots are online spins that have up to five reels and at least five paylines.

Unlike table games, where there are rules and winning depends on your skill, slots are based on luck and a certain amount of random generation. The player simply selects the slot machine and bet amount, enters the bet and starts spinning. Slot machines are programmed so that approximately 95% of bets are returned to players in the form of multiple small wins, and the remaining 5% remains the income of the casino.

Live Games

On online casino sites, there is another type of gambling – Live Games. They are online games, most often table games, that include a human dealer on the other side of the screen. In most cases, live games are popular table games such as poker, roulette, blackjack, where you can play against a live dealer and watch the game in HD streaming. Such games are broadcast in real time, they do not have any animations or recordings. This positively affects the very perception of the game, giving a feeling of the real presence of players next to you. You can play live games on any device.

Some casino administrators are expanding the options for table games in live games, which attracts even more applicants. For example, a sic-bo dice game can be added. By the way, this is the only dice game added to the live casino. For this game, you need to have on hand three dice and a special playing board. Players can bet on the total amount of all three dice or on a small or big bet. The dealer presses a button and the cubes begin to mix under a special glass dome. When the dice stop, they show a certain value and a player’s bet is triggered.


A wide variety of gambling in the casino allows you to attract players who want to try their luck. This direction has been around for many years, so here every player will find something of interest. Thousands of games are constantly available online. Some casinos offer other categories in addition to the games presented above, including bingo, keno, and scratch cards. Remember that the Best Real Money Casino is the one that brings you maximum pleasure, generous bonuses, quality services and, of course, treasured winnings.

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