Effect of The Third Stimulus Payment on Social Security Disability Receivers

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli November 15, 2022
Updated 2022/11/15 at 11:01 AM
Effect of The Third Stimulus Payment on Social Security Disability Receivers

Joe Biden signed a new law, Known as the American rescue plan act. It was to provide help for the victims of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are confused about its effects on the recipients of Social Security disability benefits, here is some of the basic information. You can contact a phoenix social security disability attorney for more information.

Package amount

The stimulus contains payments for supporting the victims of the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone qualified for the criteria will be provided $1400 as the COVID-19 stimulus check. Those individuals who are lawfully married and have filed a joint tax return will be provided $1400 each and $2800 combined. People with dependents will get an extra $1400 for their well-being. The condition is that the defendants must reside with the recipient for over six months.

Eligibility criteria

Everyone depends on the Social Security disability benefit as their only source of income qualifies to receive the third stimulus check. However, people who get money through other sources of income other than disability benefits will have certain deductions in their stimulus checks. This is if their income is above $75,000 per year. If the recipient is married and files tax returns together, the limit for combined income is $150,000. If the income generated by the spouses passes this amount, specific reductions will be made in the stimulus check.

The income is decided after checking the adjudged gross income from the tax return of previous years. If it is unavailable, The IRS will utilize the income from Social Security or SSI checks for you to get the income-related data.

Receiving Stimulus Checks

Stimulus checks will be similarly provided to the recipients, like the Social Security disability benefits. It will be given every month and through direct deposit. However, if you have been receiving your disability benefits to direct express debit cards, you might get a new card. The stimulus check will be provided in the economic impact payment card envelope. The card must be activated by dialing the phone number provided, and the recipient must take a four-digit pin. The card can be utilized for making purchases or taking out cash. The status of stimulus checks can be assessed online through the official portal of the IRS. The recipient must visit the “get my payment” portal and enter their details to get information about the payments.

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