How Can QR Codes Be Used By Oil Companies Today?

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

The oil industry paved the way for industrialization in the 1800s.

While it continues to thrive after two centuries, the companies in this industry adapt to the demands of how society runs today.

The demands include modernization on how they produce and sell oil.

Following QR codes as one of the most used techs in payment and marketing, oil companies can actually improve their processes and sales with these versatile squares.

For example, oil companies can check the oil they produce and store by using an advanced QR code generator online.

Want to know more about how these two-dimensional barcodes can be used by oil companies today? Here are some of the best QR code use cases for oil companies. 

QR code for gas payments

Before, gas stations required their customers to wait for a gas boy to fill up the tank, pay for the gas and wait for their money to be tendered and the change given to them. 

Because of this, oil companies lose a lot of money as they can only accept a limited number of customers in one day. 

Today, refueling at gas stations is made more accessible and convenient with different payment options. Sometimes, you don’t even need to anyone’s assistance.

Payment methods include the use of credit or debit cards, and digital wallets. 

With 75% of consumers using digital wallets to pay according to Marqeta, it’s no surprise that contactless payments are favored everywhere. 

Oil companies can use QR codes for gas payments to simplify digital fund transfers from the customer to the merchant. 

In the US, ExxonMobil offers their customers a safer, simple, and convenient way to pay for the gas they pump via Exxon and Mobil Gas stations by scanning the QR code attached to each gas pump.

Redirect customers to the petroleum mobile app

As part of the company development, most oil companies promote their mobile apps to simplify transactions and give loyal customers better services and exclusive benefits.

One selling point that oil companies can market in the app they launch is the Pay Now, Redeem gas feature. 

With the oil price hike not letting up anytime soon, consumers are getting more resourceful on how they can save on their gas purchases. Offering a mobile app can allow consumers to buy gas at the current price and redeem it at the gasoline station when they need one. 

Customers can find a QR code for fuel in the app, and the gas station can easily scan and update that. 

Gas stations can post the app store QR code where it’s easily seen by customers. This will redirect scanners to the app’s download page, whether it be for Android or iPhone. This eliminates the manual searching of the app, and makes it easy for customers to download in just one scan. 

For example, TotalOil uses QR codes to store the link to the app that customers can download instantly. 

Lead customers to their website

Oil companies can use a URL QR code to boost their website traffic and know more about the company and their products. 

They can reach their customers offline by adding a QR code to their product packaging, marketing materials, and gas stations. 

Rock Oil, a British brand known for high-quality lubricants and fuels, uses QR codes in its latest packaging. 

The QR code added in the packaging is a branded one, where the brand’s logo is embedded in the design of the code. 

Adding brand logos to QR codes is possible using a QR code generator with logo software online. 

Show maps of the nearest gas stations 

Oil companies go to great lengths to promote their products and services. 

The oil industry has been competitive since the marketing era has shifted, and companies that modernize and refine their business approach have a higher chance to reach more customers and grow their revenue. 

With every promo they promote, oil companies can also use QR codes to direct interested customers to the nearest gas stations and avail of the promo. They can also show how they value their customers and promote their gas stations. 

Foster brand and customer interactions via social media

While oil companies dig fossils to find oil to refine, produce and sell, their approach does not stick to the old ways of promoting themselves. 

Today, getting their brand seen and heard on popular social media sites is very important for their business. They can talk to their audience, get more people to visit their website, and promote the product or service.

Oil companies can easily connect to more people using the social media QR code and get more followers on their active social media sites. 

Like how the oil industry revolutionizes today’s machinery use, QR codes are a powerful tool that aids various industries in simplifying their digital marketing campaigns. 

QR codes are easy to use, cost-effective, and can be diversely incorporated into offline and online marketing. 

Are you working or overseeing a company producing or selling oil products? Start modernizing your sales and marketing operations today using QR codes. 

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