How Does Nevada Car Shipping Work in 2023?

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

The economy is finally starting to recover and rebound from the chaos that it had been in the last few years.  That means that many of us are starting to consider widening our horizons, especially when it comes to where we live.  If you’re planning a big move to or from Nevada, then you’ve come to the right place.

While you can find useful tips and tricks on sites like this one, there are ways to expediate the process along the way as well.  Namely, you can utilize something known as car shipping to make your journey a lot less of a hassle.  After all, trying to drive for hours during a big move can be stressful to say the least.

Certainly, we love our kiddos and it’s not like we wouldn’t bring them.  However, trying to bring a whole family on a road trip can also be a nightmare.  From the “are we there yet” to the “I need a rest stop” even though you just passed one, it can make us a little bit crazy.

That’s why car shipping has become so popular as of late, beyond the appeal of being able to sell vehicles in a wider range as well.  Of course, a lot of people don’t even realize that it’s an option.  The traditional way of making a move is to drive to your new home yourself, even if you’re doing it for work purposes.

These days, there’s a lot more flexibility.  While it may somewhat depend on scheduling and general availability, thankfully there are usually plenty of openings for auto transport in Las Vegas, so make sure to stick around so you can learn more about how the process works!


One of the first steps that you’ll want to take when planning out your big move is to consider your overall schedule.  The thing is, you can usually save yourself a bit of money if you decide to plan ahead and pick a timeframe for your car transport rather than trying to get it done at the last minute.  Try to plan it during the “off season,” which is usually the winter months.

Even if you don’t manage to have the stars align so that you’re moving in the winter and thus having your car shipped during that off season, there are additional fees if you try to get your car shipped within days of approaching the shipping company.  Keep that in mind and do your best to schedule things out appropriately.

Getting Your Car Ready

Another part of thinking ahead is this: there are certain ways that we can make the process easier and faster if we prep our vehicle ahead of time.  You see, most shippers will provide door to door shipping, so a driver will come to your home to pick the automobile up.  It should be ready for them at that moment.

How can we achieve that, though?  Well, you can find some tips here:, especially if you don’t feel like splurging at the local car wash.  However, whether you do it by hand or with an automatic machine, as long as the exterior is clean you should be fine.  This will help the driver document any current scratches or other damage before it’s taken in a shipping container.

Don’t forget to clear out the interior of the vehicle as well, though.  This helps prevent your personal items from getting lost, for one thing.  However, it’s also a way to reduce the weight of the car, since even a few extra pounds could end up costing you more cash.

Is Car Shipping Worth the Money?

If you aren’t sure about the answer to this, we’d recommend that you do some math yourself to decide.  Compare any quotes or estimates that you get from car shippers and see if that would be more or less expensive than driving yourself.  Take gas prices into account, as well as how expensive a hotel stay, along with rest stop meals, would be.

More often than not, the transport option will actually be less expensive.  While this may sound hard to believe, inflation is no joke right now.  Costs are rising across pretty much all industries.  Something else to think about is that you can choose the less expensive options for the transport.

For instance, you could opt for an open shipping container rather than a closed one.  Although it will open your car to the elements more than the closed one would, there’s a very low chance that there would be lasting damage.  A lot of depots have car washes at them, too, so your driver may wash the vehicle before dropping it off for you.  Likely, the true answer to whether or not it’s worth it will depend on your circumstances.

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