How Online Gaming Platforms Create Fair and Random Outcomes

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

One of the main concerns of all players is how online games come up with all the outcomes in all those found in a typical collection of 1000+ titles. This leads to many prejudices, including the most common one: that the house always rigs them. In this article, we are breaking prejudice and teaching players how outcomes are generated in online entertainment.

Do Operators Have Any Impact on the Outcomes?

It should be noted that entertainment brands are using ready-made plug-and-play products provided to them by developer teams. Thus, fair outcomes are ensured by partnering with safe and reliable software suppliers. UK’s trustworthy casino sites generally feature separate listings for games released by particularly well-known providers, such as Play N’Go and NetEnt.

The operators don’t make money by rigging them but by offering them in the first place. They are not making money on every spin, but the total sum wagered by all players playing all games available.

Understanding the RNG Technology

Today, online games use random number generators to come up with the outcome. These algorithms have the power to randomly expel different symbol combinations. They are impossible to rig and predict.

On top of that, let’s not forget that feature-rich games available for online play include more symbols than ever. It is not rare to play a machine with more than 10 payline symbols, plus a few extra special icons on the side. Anyone with a basic knowledge of maths can figure out there are more potential combinations in any game than we care to admit.

Game Mechanics: The Key to Winning

Besides the random number generator, gamers also face gaming mechanics. They are what makes the play possible. It includes literally everything that affects the way outcomes are generated: number of reels, number of symbols, paylines, special symbols, bonus features — in other words, it is all those factors that make a game unique.

The way they interact with each other, along with the RNG, determines when and how much the game will pay. There is no rule on what games pay the most. Sometimes, simple cherry machines can be as rewarding as elaborate games with Megaways featuring thousands of paylines.

Safe and Trusted Suppliers

Let’s get back to safe and trusted suppliers. Software suppliers are companies that develop games and offer them to online operators. Such an approach is more budget-effective for any operator and allows multiple operators to offer the same game. Just like entertainment companies, providers must have a valid license in their jurisdiction.

To gain a license, the company undergoes strict monitoring and all the RNG algorithms are tested. They must be in line with what the studio claims and provide players with a fair chance to win.

Before engaging in online play, gamers must be aware of the nature of the game and how it works. It is important to read the rules before placing the first bet and, if possible, play it in the demo mode first – an option provided by plenty of newly launched casinos. It will cost nothing but time, but this is still the right place to start.

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