How to Maximise Your Tax Benefits Pre-or Post-Renovations

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Renovating your home is an exciting venture, but it may also come with great financial benefits. When looking to maximize tax benefits from home renovations, it is important to consider both pre-and post-renovation strategies.

Pre-renovation strategies focus on the planning of your home renovation and can help you save on taxes in the long run. Here are three pre-renovation strategies for tax benefits that you should consider before starting your project:

1. Claim property tax depreciation: Hiring a quantity surveyor near you can help you identify the exact amount of depreciation that you can claim against your property tax.

2. Take advantage of home office deductions: Setting up a dedicated home office for business purposes can help you deduct the cost of some furniture and equipment from your taxes.

3. Get energy efficient upgrades: Many states offer tax credits for making energy-efficient upgrades, such as installing new windows or upgrading your HVAC system.

Post-renovation strategies involve taking advantage of tax deductions after the renovation has been completed. Here are three post-renovation strategies for tax benefits that you should consider:

1. Maximize capital gains exemptions: If you sell your home after renovating it, you may be eligible for a capital gains exemption on the profits generated from the sale of the property.

2. Claim tax credits for energy efficient upgrades: If you have made energy-efficient upgrades to your home, you may qualify for federal or state tax credits.

3. Deduct home improvement costs: Home improvements that do not add to the value of your property, such as replacing a refrigerator or repairing the walls with bathroom subway tiles, can be deducted from your taxes.

By taking advantage of both pre- and post-renovation strategies for tax benefits, you can maximize the financial benefits of renovating your home. In conclusion, proper planning is key when it comes to maximizing tax benefits from home renovations.

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