How to Support Your Personal Injury Case

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Hiring a personal injury attorney can increase the chances of success of your case. This is because you get the legal guidance of a knowledgeable person and support in building a strong personal injury case.

On top of having a Ladah Law Firm attorney working on your personal injury suit, there are ways you can also help to improve the outcome. Here are ways you can help your attorney help your case.

1. Do Not Skip Medical Appointments

Remember that personal injury cases are big on medical records. The best thing you could do to help your lawyer is to attend all the appointments and follow your doctor’s recommendations religiously. Your doctor will note down all the appointments missed, and the insurance adjuster will try to take advantage of the gaps and say that you are not as badly injured as you claim.

Apart from securing your case, attending the appointments is good for your health. You must prioritize your recovery to bounce back to your normal life.

2. Don’t Discuss the Case Until it is Done

Insurance adjusters work very hard to reduce the amount of money they will compensate you. They will therefore be on the lookout for any action from your end they could use against you. Your attorney will tell you to refrain from discussing the case.

The only persons you should be talking to about the details of your injuries are your doctor and attorney. Avoid speaking to the insurance adjuster as they will find something to hold against you. Limit the discussions with your family too.

Clients are also advised against posting on their social media pages. Keep the details of the case to yourself.

3. Document Your Evidence

Documenting all the evidence you can get regarding the injury will go a long way. You can take pictures of the scene of the accident with your phone. You could also collect the contacts of any witnesses nearby.

Collect anything you feel would be relevant to the case and present it to your attorney.

4. Be Transparent

It would help your attorney if you were transparent about the details of the accident or injury. Preset all the facts you have to your lawyer regardless of how bad they may look. Your lawyer will know how to work around the information you provide them.

Be honest about the events, as your attorney will not judge you.

5. Be Cooperative in Discovery

If the insurance adjuster refuses to accept the requested settlement, the chances are high that your case will end up in court. Your team will be required to present evidence through the discovery process. Provide answers to the questions you will be asked in the disposition, and furnish your attorney with the required documents.


Hiring a legal team after an accident for a personal injury claim is smart as it increases your chances of getting a good settlement. However, for your claim to be a success, you must support your lawyer in the process. 

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