Layton Simon: The Real-Life Influence Behind BMF’s Lamar Silas

Chantal Hayes
Chantal Hayes

In the deep, convoluted corridors of America’s criminal history, names like Al Capone or Pablo Escobar often steal the limelight, but others, like Layton Simon, remain relegated to the shadows. Despite his lesser-known status, Simon played a crucial role in shaping one of the most captivating characters in recent television history — Lamar Silas from the widely popular Starz series, Black Mafia Family (BMF).

A notorious drug dealer of his era, Layton Simon navigated the underbelly of the American society with stealth and audacity, leaving a trail of tales that eventually found their way into the script of BMF. The series, created by Randy Huggins, masterfully explores the complex, layered realities of the drug trade and its intersections with society.

Lamar Silas, portrayed with arresting intensity by Eric Kofi-Abrefa, mirrors Simon’s character and life in striking ways. Silas, like Simon, commands respect, fear, and attention, carving out a reputation that oscillates between charismatic and ruthless. These nuances of Silas’s character draw directly from Simon’s life, creating a gripping portrayal that stands as one of the show’s cornerstones.

Despite Simon’s dark past, his story serves as a fascinating study of human nature, ambition, and the profound implications of choices made. His life, refracted through the prism of the show, reiterates the undeniable fact that even in the murkiness of the criminal world, compelling narratives of power, aspiration, and downfall exist.

It’s a testament to the creators of BMF that they have brought the influence of Simon to life with such complexity, sparking debates and discussions among viewers worldwide. And while Layton Simon’s name may be deeply embedded within America’s criminal history, it resurfaces through Lamar Silas, a character that continues to captivate audiences through the intricate art of storytelling.

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