New Products That Frank Mallon Introduced at Liffey Meats

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli September 28, 2022
Updated 2022/09/28 at 8:34 AM
New Products That Frank Mallon Introduced at Liffey Meats

Liffey Meats is undoubtedly the best beef supplier and exporter in Ireland. It was founded by James Mallon in 1905 and since then the company has expanded significantly. The company is now led by Frank Mallon who has taken Liffey Meats to the next level by increasing its production and profitability. He has made the company world-famous by supplying high-quality beef and excellent customer service. Frank Mallon’s Liffey Meats is committed to providing the best possible product to its customers, and it continually invests in new technology and processes to ensure that it remains at the forefront of the industry. Liffey Meats is a true success story, thanks to Frank Mallon, and it is one of the most respected companies in Ireland.

Convenience foods available at Liffey Meats

This family-run Irish meat processor recently launched a new convenience unit thanks to the efforts of managing director, Frank Mallon. The new unit will allow the company to manufacture reformed, pre-packed, and portion-controlled products to meet the needs of consumers, retailers, and the food service sector. The launch of the unit is a significant milestone for the company, which has been working hard to diversify its product range in recent years. Accessories such as cooking instructions, allergen warnings, and nutrition information are also included in pack formats to comply with international food safety standards. The new unit will help Liffey Meats to compete in the highly competitive convenience food market, and Frank is confident that it will be a success. “We are very excited about this new venture,” he said. “Our goal is to provide our customers with quality products that are convenient and easy to use.”

Following are some of the convenience foods that Frank included in the list:

Minced beef – Frank wanted to make the most of the reputation of Liffey Meats to introduce high-quality minced beef. The beef is sourced from farmers spread across Ireland, and their strict standards ensure that each batch of minced beef meets the quality standards for taste and quality. Whether you’re making meatballs, tacos, or Shepherd’s pie, Liffey Meats minced beef will give your dish the perfect flavor and texture.

Diced beef – When Frank first took over at Liffey Meats, the company was only selling whole cuts of beef. Frank saw an opportunity to introduce a new product: diced beef. He knew that many customers didn’t have the time or skills to dice their own beef, and he saw that offering a pre-diced product would make life easier for his customers. To introduce the new product, Frank created a special display in the shop window with signs that advertised the convenience of diced beef.

Retail-packed fresh meat – Apart from diced beef, Frank quickly recognized the potential for selling fresh meat in retail packs, and he developed a plan to introduce this new product line to Liffey Meats. To start, Frank spoke with some of the customers to know whether they would prefer retail-packed fresh beef or not. After getting a positive response, Frank finally decided to give it a try.

Grillsteaks – Since Frank was always looking for new ways to bring in customers and increase sales, he came up with an idea to introduce a new type of steak that would be grilled to perfection. He called it the grillsteak. The promotion was a success, and soon Liffey Meats became known for its delicious grillsteaks.

Hamburgers – After grillsteaks, Frank wanted to introduce hamburgers at Liffey Meats and he came up with the perfect solution. He started by asking customers if they would like to try a free sample of his delicious hamburgers. Many people were eager to try them and they quickly became a hit! Frank then began selling hamburgers at a special price, and before long they were one of the most popular items on the menu.

Improvement in traceability

When Frank took over the reins at Liffey Meats, he realized that the company could operate at a much higher level. Therefore, he made a few changes to the traceability to ensure that the products were distributed properly. Here’s how things work now:

Development – Farmers who want to produce quality beef need to start with a healthy herd. That’s why Frank instructed the team at Liffey Meats to focus on animal welfare. They work with farmers to ensure that the cows are well-fed and have access to clean water and pasture. The cows are also given regular check-ups to ensure they are free from disease. By taking these simple steps, the team at Liffey Meats is able to produce high-quality beef that is delicious and nutritious.

Quality – Frank made sure that Liffey Meats is dedicated to providing the highest quality beef to the customers. The company follows all the safety and quality requirements during the processing stage, as it is BRC and IFS-approved. This allows them to provide our customers with the peace of mind that they are receiving safe, healthy, and delicious products.

Handling – Frank understands that customers have different needs when it comes to fresh meat. That’s why he decided to tweak the distribution system and introduced a variety of packaging options, all of which are recyclable. Whether you need a large cut for a special occasion or smaller portions for everyday meals, you will get every type of meat from Liffey Meats.

Distribution – Over the years, Frank Mallon has developed a strict cold chain process to ensure the integrity and freshness of the company’s products. The process begins in the slaughterhouse, where the carcasses are immediately cooled to prevent bacteria from growing. They are then transported to the storage facility, where they are kept at a constant temperature. The meat is finally shipped to retail outlets, where it is displayed in refrigerated cabinets. The entire process is monitored by a 24-hour monitoring system, which checks the optimum storage temperature at each stage.

Most of the huge success that Liffey Meats is enjoying now is due to the careful planning of Frank Mallon. With the introduction of new convenience foods and an improved distribution system, he is making sure that the company maintains its reputation of being the best exporter of beef in Ireland.

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