Pro Tips: 7 ServiceTitan Training Videos for HVAC Technicians to Watch Today

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

ServiceTitan has turned out to be an indispensable device for HVAC technicians, presenting many functions to streamline operations and enhance customer service. However, to completely harness the strength of ServiceTitan, technicians must undergo proper education. One of the handiest methods to research is through schooling videos, which provide step-by-step steerage on using distinctive features and functionalities. We’ll spotlight seven have-to-watch ServiceTitan training videos for HVAC technicians seeking to enhance their abilities and performance at the activity.

1. ServiceTitan Mobile Overview:

ServiceTitan Mobile is a powerful device that lets technicians manipulate their workflow, access client data, and complete tasks. This schooling video outlines the mobile app’s functions: navigating the dashboard, viewing job information, updating activity reputation, and taking pictures of purchaser signatures. This video teaches technicians how to leverage ServiceTitan Mobile to improve productivity and offer better customer support.

2. Dispatch Board Basics:

The dispatch board is the valuable hub for handling calls and scheduling appointments in ServiceTitan. This educational video covers the dispatch board’s fundamentals, including how to view and assign open jobs, timetable appointments, and record technician locations in real-time. By gaining knowledge of the dispatch board, technicians can ensure task scheduling and allocation, enhancing purchaser pride and profitability.

3. Job Costing and Time Tracking:

Effective job costing and time monitoring are critical for HVAC organizations to measure profitability and efficiency accurately. This training video uses ServiceTitan’s activity costing and time tracking capabilities to monitor real-time labor costs, material prices, and activity profitability. Technicians will learn how to precisely record their time and fees so that managers can make data-driven decisions to maximize profitability and optimize operations.

4. Processing Invoices and Payments:

ServiceTitan simplifies charging and invoicing, permitting technicians to create invoices, take payments, and provide receipts from the enterprise all at once. This schooling video courses technicians through the procedure of creating invoices and processing prices, overlaying a way to make invoices, applying reductions, acquiring bills in cash, test, or credit card, and shipping clients’ receipts. Technicians can grow their organization’s cash flow and expedite the billing procedure by being informed of such skills.

5. Customer Communication Tools:

Effective communique is crucial in supplying exceptional customer service. ServiceTitan provides communication equipment to assist technicians in staying in touch with clients at every stage of the service process. This training video explores how to use ServiceTitan’s conversation equipment, which includes computerized appointment reminders, service reputation updates, and observe-up emails, to keep customers informed and engaged. Technicians can increase the consumer experience and build long-lasting relationships with their clients using these gears.

6. Equipment Tracking and Maintenance:

Proper tracking and preservation are crucial for prolonging the lifespan of HVAC structures and preventing pricey breakdowns. This training video demonstrates the use of ServiceTitan to track gadget installations, document maintenance activities, and schedule preventive upkeep obligations. Technicians will learn to get access to equipment records, install recurring protection schedules, and generate reports to ensure timely preservation and the finest device overall performance.

7. Reporting and Analytics:

ServiceTitan provides sturdy reporting and analytics gear to assist HVAC corporations in tracking key performance metrics and identifying improvement areas. This schooling video covers using ServiceTitan’s reporting dashboard to generate custom reviews, examine process overall performance, and identify business KPIs. Technicians will discover ways to interpret report information, perceive developments, and make records-pushed decisions to optimize commercial enterprise operations and drive progress.

Troubleshooting Common ServiceTitan Issues

While ServiceTitan is an effective tool for HVAC technicians, it is now not without its occasional demanding situations. Here are a few not-unusual problems you may come upon and the way to troubleshoot them:

1. Difficulty Navigating the Interface: ServiceTitan’s interface may be strong and characteristic-rich, which can also overwhelm some users. To navigate more efficiently, recollect watching tutorials mainly targeted on interface navigation. These videos often offer shortcuts and recommendations for locating what you need quickly.

2. Syncing Problems with Mobile Devices: If you’re experiencing syncing problems among ServiceTitan on your laptop and mobile device, ensure each device is connected to the internet. If the problem persists, strive to log out and return to both devices or reinstall the app.

3. Error Messages During Scheduling: Error messages throughout scheduling may be irritating, especially while reserving appointments correctly. Check for any required fields that haven’t been filled out or conflicts within the technician’s schedule. If the trouble persists, contact ServiceTitan’s assist group for help.

4. Difficulty Accessing Training Videos: If you are having a hassle accessing ServiceTitan’s training videos, ensure you’re logged into your account. If the problem persists, test your net connection and browser settings to ensure no restrictions block access to the tutorials.

5. Integration Problems with Other Software: ServiceTitan integrates with numerous other software to streamline operations. If you’re experiencing integration troubles, double-take a look at your settings to ensure the whole thing is configured successfully. If issues persist, contact ServiceTitan’s guide group or seek advice from their troubleshooting assets.

6. Billing and Payment Challenges: Billing and price strategies are important components of ServiceTitan, but they can be complicated. If you are encountering billing or fee processing troubles, review ServiceTitan’s documentation or training videos focused mainly on those topics. You can also contact to their support team for assistance.

7. Performance Lag or Slow Loading Times: If ServiceTitan is strolling slowly or experiencing overall performance lag, several elements might be at play, including your net connection, the device’s overall performance, or server problems. Try cleaning the web page, clearing your browser cache, or using a different browser to peer if that resolves the problem.

By addressing those not-unusual issues and leveraging the wealth of education assets through ServiceTitan, HVAC technicians can optimize their platform use and maximize their performance within the field.


ServiceTitan education motion pictures provide worthwhile resources for HVAC technicians seeking to enhance their abilities and performance. By watching these seven videos, technicians can learn how to leverage ServiceTitan’s features to streamline operations, improve customer service, and drive business success. For additional support and guidance, consider contacting ServiceTitan consulting and implementation experts. Visit their website to learn more and take your HVAC business to the next level.

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