Qualities of Legal Document Management Software for Your Company

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Legal document management software allows you to quickly manage, track and store all your documents in one place. This makes it easier for you to find what you need when you need it. It also helps you cut down on time spent searching for files and paperwork by automating tasks like processing invoices, updating client information and more.

Here are some basic ideas for using your new legal document management software.

Smart document tagging

Many companies have a difficult time keeping track of their documents because they don’t know what to do with them once they’re filed away. Smart tagging gives you the power to categorize each document based on its contents so you can easily search for it later if necessary. It also helps ensure that all the information you need is stored with the right document so that you won’t have to waste time searching through extraneous files.

Mobile accessibility

The days when everyone had access only to desktop computers are long gone  most people now carry around smartphones or tablets instead of old desktop PCs with limited storage space. Documents should be accessible from anywhere, at any time, which means having a mobile-friendly legal document management solution will help keep your employees productive even if they’re away from their desks.

Document production management

Document Production Management is another feature that helps attorneys better manage their workloads. This feature allows attorneys to send out emails with all of their relevant case information attached so that each client can open them on their phone or computer and review them without having to wait for an email reply from their attorney. Since many clients don’t have access to email, this saves time for both parties involved and ensures everyone has easy access to important information at all times.

Consistent workflow management

 The best document management software will help you automate repetitive tasks so that they can be done consistently throughout the organization. This is essential for maintaining high levels of productivity while also ensuring consistent quality across all projects. This helps to ensure that everyone in the company is working with the same information, which saves time and reduces mistakes.

Easy file haring

 Document management software makes it easy for employees to share files with each other, even if they are not in the same location or department. This allows people from different departments to collaborate on projects and ensures that everyone has access to all relevant information at all times. It also prevents duplicate efforts by making sure that no one wastes time creating documents that already exist elsewhere in the organization.

Automated document review

A great feature of the right legal document management software is its ability to perform automated document review. This means that once you begin creating new documents with this software, they will be analyzed against existing data to see if they align with pre-set criteria such as templates. Once identified as matching the criteria, these documents will be placed into one or more folders automatically saving you time and effort in the long run.

Integrated contract management

Many companies use multiple systems for storing their contracts, including email, Word documents, and spreadsheets. This makes it difficult to track changes made across all versions of a contract and can lead to missing revisions or mistakes being made in one version but not another. An integrated contract management system allows you to store all versions of your contracts in one place so they can be easily accessed and tracked.

Collaborative editing and review

 When multiple people need to work on a document, it’s important that they all see each other’s changes as they’re being made. This helps prevent errors from happening or causing confusion when someone goes back to review the file later on. Document management software allows multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously, so everyone sees what everyone else is doing. It also allows one user to lock a section of the document so no one else can edit it until he or she unlocks it again.

Document versioning and history tracking

Document management software allows you to keep track of every change made to an electronic file over time. This means that if there are any discrepancies between versions after an issue has been resolved, you’ll know exactly where they came from and who was responsible for them. This is especially helpful if disputes over changes arise between parties involved in litigation proceedings.

Document analytics

Legal document management software can be used to analyze your document workflow so that you can make improvements as necessary. For example, if you find that most of your time is spent dealing with contract disputes then you might be able to save money by creating a standardized contract template that can be approved by clients easily.

Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants are available as an option for many companies, but they can also be used as a way to help you keep track of your documents. They can do everything from scanning your documents to organizing them based on their content and making sure that they are stored in the cloud so that they are always available when needed. The best thing about using virtual assistants for this type of work is that it does not cost any money at all because all the work is done by other people who don’t work for your company directly but instead work remotely from home or other locations where they have access to their computers and internet connections.

Predictive analytics

The volume of data that businesses collect is growing at an exponential rate. This means that companies are increasingly interested in using predictive analytics to make sense of the information they collect. Predictive analytics allows companies to analyze past information and predict future trends and outcomes. If a company’s lawyers are reviewing thousands of documents as part of their daily work, predictive analytics can help them more accurately predict which documents they should review first. This increases efficiency while also reducing the risk of missing key information during the review process.


Document management software is a new idea whose time has come in this paperless world of the 21st century. It could be utilized by every business firm worldwide and will be of immense help in automating their daily tasks. The most vital elements of document management software are its effectiveness, speed, storage capacity, security and affordability for small businesses. If a company can have all these and at the same time reduce manual handling of files then it can achieve success fast with no major challenges.

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