Reasons To Seek Advice From A Solicitor

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

We live in complex times. It seems that each and every action that we take, including purchasing goods, obtaining services, (including using the Internet to purchase anything from a couch to software), or enjoying leisure activities comes with some sort of legal warning that warns us of dire consequences should we not comply with a very specific set of terms and conditions.

At the same time, the Internet has turned many into ersatz legal experts. We can consult an online source, be it a YouTube video or the site of a legal firm, and feel confident that we have the answers to the specific legal challenge that we face.

However, the legal system is highly complex and information on the Internet should always be taken with a generous pinch of salt at hand. There are numerous examples of those who have relied on online sources of legal advice only to find that their day in court is one that will burn brightly in their memory for years – and not for the right reasons.

Faced with a solicitor many legal opinions that the layman had considered an impeccable source of information supporting their particular legal opinion tend to be found wanting.

There are numerous reasons to engage the services of a solicitor – and they are not limited to dealing with problems. Retaining a solicitor is also an effective way to ensure that you achieve an optimum result when establishing a business relationship. It will ensure that the process is efficient and the agreement both protects your legal rights and achieves the desired outcome – and will stand up in a court of law in the event of a dispute.

It is vital that the individual understand the importance of retaining a solicitor in order to protect their rights and make them aware of their obligations. Read further to learn more about just why the services of a qualified and experienced solicitor such as PJF are essential in most situations that have legal implications.

1. Achieve your Goals

As mentioned previously, life is complex. It involves a constant cost-benefit analysis. ‘If X action is taken, will result Y be of net loss or net benefit?’. A solicitor ensures that you receive the advice to ensure that any action you take will result in a net benefit, all the while reducing the risks to you and those that you love.

A good example is drawing up a will. You want to ensure that the will you draw up is clear and will not end up in the court being challenged. If you are purchasing a home you will soon find out that there is plenty of red tape and fine print involved. In both cases the assistance of a solicitor is essential. In the first case have them draw up the will so that you have the peace of mind of knowing it is a true legal reflection of your wishes. In the second case, a solicitor will ensure that there are no clauses in the settlement contract that could be to your detriment when you are purchasing what will probably be the most valuable asset you own during the course of your lifetime.

2. Enjoying the Benefits of Entitlements

Once again, it bears repeating that life is complex. That complexity also results in your being exposed to the unexpected. You can be injured by falling through an open manhole cover, or slip, fall, and injure yourself due to a broken jar of pickled onions at the supermarket. Both these examples may seem frivolous – but injury due to the negligence of another party is no laughing matter. It can result in a lack of mobility, decreased mental capacity, and last, but certainly not least – loss of income or even the chronic inability to perform one’s job.

Other examples include the losses incurred due to inadequate financial advice or the denial of a promotion due to discrimination in the workplace.

In each of these instances, the correct way forward is to seek the advice of a qualified solicitor that has experience in an applicable field. It is not uncommon for those who have suffered injury or even financial loss to be unaware that they actually have a claim against a third party. In cases where you suspect you may have a claim, always seek legal advice. The result of that advice could very well be enhanced financial stability, a shorter time to recovery, and definitely the peace of mind that is the result of knowing that you have chosen the right path.

3. To Avoid Penalties

That word will simply not go away, complexity. So complex is the modern world and so filled with incredible amounts of information that you are in constant danger of crossing some regulatory or legal red line. In his novel ‘Walden: Life in the Woods’ published in 1854.’ Henry David Thoreau said: ‘Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify.’

A qualified solicitor will help to simplify the most complex of legal requirements and obligations. This can include tax law, product liability, personal debt, financial and business agreements – and the list goes on and on. A solicitor will help you to understand the implications of non-compliance with regulations or the transgression of agreements. These can be devastating, involving not only financial and reputational damage – but also jail time. Taking matters into your own hands when it comes to legal issues is a path fraught with peril. A solicitor deals in facts, no matter how obscure or convoluted the language or the detail of any agreement – and when it comes to legal matters clarity is of the utmost importance.

Once you understand the complexities thanks to the advice of a solicitor then he or she will be able to offer you solid advice on the way forward, based on both their experience and your legal options. This will simplify your life.

Retaining the services of a solicitor is absolutely essential. Our modern world and the legal rights and obligations we all enjoy are complex and can sometimes change with very little warning. A solicitor will help to avoid the potential pitfalls that dealing with these rights and obligations can sometimes entail.

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