The Best Amazon FBA Software for Product Research in 2023

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

If you are planning to run a successful business on Amazon then it is better to consider the energy and time you will have to spend on it. That is why sellers often find ways to make their journey easier by using the best Amazon FBA software.

However, do you know which Amazon FBA software is the best? Well, here we have made a list of the top 5 best Amazon FBA software for product research to use in 2023. All these Amazon FBA software comes with the latest features.

Let’s get started with the list below:

The Best Amazon FBA Software for Product Research

It is necessary to find the best Amazon FBA software for product research to find products with low competition yet high demand. So, here we have listed down the top 5 best Amazon FBA software for your product research.


A somewhat new software in the Amazon tool market for product research, ZonBase, offers a complete tool suite along with accurate information.

All the tools of ZonBase help FBA sellers find as well as validate new products, optimize listings, locate manufacturers, and also keep track of the condition of their businesses.

If you’re an Amazon seller looking for a reliable solution to acquire insightful information and grow your Amazon brand, ZonBase is a one-stop solution you must give a try.


  • It’s enjoyable and easy to use.
  • Their product information and keyword information are accurate
  • It comes with the best user interface and color schemes
  • Comes with highly useful automation tools


  • Their niche rater doesn’t resemble other solutions such as Helium10 and JS
  • Fewer Amazon product listings

Helium 10

Helium 10 comes with a wide variety of software that can enhance nearly any factor of the Amazon business. This tool helps Amazon sellers research profitable keywords and new products.

With Helium 10’s assistance, you can effortlessly spy on your competitors as well as optimize your product listings. Furthermore, sellers can handle their inventory and PPC campaigns.

With this tool, you can also compare various selling techniques and use the best strategy for your product listings. It is very useful and accurate, so you will reap the advantages in no time using this tool!


  • The functional tools are extremely useful and can protect you from problems such as coupon abuse and product piracy.
  • It has the most updated features
  • There are many keyword research options available. Also, allow you to use misspelled keywords.
  • There is also a free plan available for sellers who are just starting their journey
  • Product tracking is very useful and provides alerts for price changes
  • Every product’s yearly and seasonal patterns are easy to monitor.


  • The free program is limited
  • Not a very user-friendly tool for beginners

Jungle Scout

The most popular well-liked Amazon FBA software for product research is this Jungle Scout. This tool is generally the one a seller begins with before going to the major blocks.

There’s a good justification for why this software is famous among several Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) sellers. This tool’s extensive qualities can help sellers in many ways.

One can simply use the tool’s product database and find a special product or get a general outline of a specific category to begin with.

JS also has a tool specifically made for maintaining track of a special item you are interested in.


  • They’ve wonderful analytics and insights
  • There are many features appropriate for both expert and beginner sellers.
  • Their newbie academy is very useful for beginner sellers.
  • The inventory management tool is a helpful add-on.


  • Not precisely the most reasonable price-quality percentage
  • You may have to buy other product research tools for the Amazon FBA function.


The efficiency of AMZScout permitted this tool to become among the most well-known software for Amazon sellers. It’s usually compared with JungleScout, another popular Amazon research tool. Mainly because of the equivalent functionality of these two tools.

Just like Jungle Scout or IO Scout, you can utilize AMZScout from your browser. It provides you with access to a wide range of great elements. Using this tool, the seller can easily track a product’s sales, BSR, stock, and profit.

AMZScout comes with advanced tools for listing optimization as well as competitor analysis. Using AMZScout, the seller can track even their competitors and also their product details. Figure out the competitor’s plans and utilize this important intel to their benefit!


  • FREE plan as well as a cost-effective beginner plan
  • Some procedures are automated to save you time.
  • Free videos for beginner’s training that are worthy
  • There are many filters for product search that make the process easy to sort through items.
  • For experienced Amazon sellers, this software offers a lifetime plan


  • Lacking significant metrics supplied by Helium 10
  • Not as precise or strong as alternative software
  • Doesn’t offer supplier services


Any seller can become an Amazon inventory research specialist with the help of SellerApp. This application provides a ton of distinctive features, perceptive insights, and an easy-to-use interface. Examining both their own and other merchants’ performance is beneficial for Amazon sellers.

Users can discover potential items and lucrative niches using SellerApp’s tools. Only information from reputable sources is used by the program. It is considered by many to be a fantastic adviser tool because of this.


  • The product research tools are exceptionally intelligent and collect a lot of data to assist you make the most acceptable selections possible
  • With this Tool, the seller may determine areas for progress
  • It has many tools that allow you to quickly evaluate your performance
  • The keyword research tools perform well
  • You can research what your competitors are doing as well as use that data to improve your strategy.


  • There’s a little learning curve involved in this tool. So, not a very beginner-friendly tool.


It does not matter exactly which tool you’re using and the product you settle on, all you are going to need is a quick Amazon FBA software performing alongside and making sure you have the best out there. So, choose any of the above-mentioned tools to succeed on Amazon.

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