The Best Online Payment Applications in 2024: An Overview

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

In this post, we give a short overview of the mobile payment apps that are popular and widely used in 2024. If you are interested, however, kindly remind you to double-check all the limits, fees, terms and conditions, and policies before you actually download and use any of the apps.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is currently one of the most popular e-wallets-dash-payment applications overall. Obviously, iOS users tend to use it almost in 99% of cases but even despite that, the level of quality and convenience that Apple Pay has to offer is hard to beat.

First things first, let’s start with the drawbacks though because these are few. Apple Pay is only available on iOS devices so you can’t install it on Android (in contrast to Google Pay which can be installed basically on any device). Also, Apple Pay doesn’t work entirely as an e-wallet because you cannot receive money on it. You can only pay with it.

However, if you only want to pay, the flexibility is impressive and the level of convenience is close to unbelievable. You just use no-touch payments, scan QR codes, or pay online by choosing “Apple Pay” among the offered payment methods, scan your fingerprint for payment verification, and that’s all. No passwords, no codes, convenient tracking of all purchases, you can connect many cards, and Apple Pay usually works with all the major banks in every country where it is available.

Google Pay

Google Pay is very similar to Apple Pay but for the fact that if you wish, you can get it for iOS. The app is very flexible and works with all the major banks in the jurisdiction. You can connect bank cards to it and pay online and offline, for services and products.

The e-wallet is compatible with no-touch payment technology and uses biometry for identity verification and payment confirmation. Google Pay is accepted by numerous online services and platforms so you can pay very easily without having to indicate your card number, codes, passwords, etc. Also, as well as in the case of Apple Pay, the e-wallet takes no fees from the end users. Only merchants pay for services.

Oh and no, you can’t accept any money on your Google Pay either.


MuchBetter is a comparatively new application and it is not available globally yet but users in most countries can already install it and enjoy its benefits.

MuchBetter is a fully mobile service that can be downloaded for free and installed on any device with any OS. It is compatible with literally all devices and has a sleek and convenient design. You can add bank cards or connect other e-wallets to it to pay for services and products, mostly online.

MuchBetter applies a small and stable fee to every transaction but the size of the fee is usually very sane. Before you install the app make sure you check out the fees and minimum and maximum transaction limits specifically for your jurisdiction.

Now the best thing about MuchBetter is, however, not its low fees or its compatibility with all devices and systems. The best thing about MuchBetter is that it works as a full-fledged e-wallet. You can top your balance up (in fact you have to), but you can also send and receive money to and from other users.

Moreover, you can also receive money from online services and merchants like Patreon, Buy Me a Coffee, or even from gaming platforms and online casinos, If, for example, you enjoy playing games at Wildz casino Ontario and you win money you want to withdraw, you can do that with MuchBetter. This option is not available for Apple or Google Pay, and in fact, many other conventional e-wallets may prohibit accepting money from online platforms. Yet, MuchBetter is completely okay with that.


Last but not least, Trustly is also a comparatively new payment app that allows you to pay and accept payments from online platforms. Trustly is unique, in a way, because it works with the majority of local banks in every country and it allows users to send and receive funds directly from and to their bank accounts.

What makes it different from the actual banks, you may ask. Well, Trustly removes the bureaucracy from the process. By working directly with the bank it utilizes a double security system and uses unique verification means. If you can pay with Trustly, you just need to choose it from the list of payment options you are offered and verify your payment.

The only real drawback is that your bank has to actually work with Trustly. If it doesn’t, you should get yourself an account with another bank that does.

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