The Complete Guide to Choosing a Car Accident Attorney: What You Should Know

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

A car accident can leave you with severe injuries and many expenses. A good lawyer can make the process easier and get a fair settlement.

However, not all lawyers are created equal. Here is what you should look for when hiring a car accident lawyer: 


Good Mount Vernon car accident lawyers have plenty of experience dealing with insurance companies. They know how to level the playing field in negotiations and get you a settlement that accounts for all your losses.

In addition, they will also be able to help you with any necessary legal paperwork and filings. They will be able to guide you through the process and handle all the phone calls, emails, and letters so that you can concentrate on recovering and regaining control of your life.

Your lawyer can take the guilty party’s insurer to court if necessary. They will present the evidence gathered and argue that you deserve ample compensation for your injuries. They will ensure you receive the money you need for a complete physical and financial recovery.


Personal injury law is a specialty for car accident attorneys who know your state’s courts. They also understand all statutes related to car accidents and can answer questions about whether or not you have a case.

They can also help you get non-economic damages, including lost enjoyment of life, pain, suffering, and impaired future earning potential. They can also assist with calculating your claim’s actual value so that you are paying the right amount.

Car accident attorneys can also explain how pure comparative negligence and joint and several liability laws will impact your case. They can also advise you about whether or not your case is worth taking to trial. You should only hire an attorney that you can trust to represent you in court.


Car accident lawyer fees can increase, especially when dealing with multiple insurance companies. However, an experienced Mount Laurel personal injury lawyer is often worth it when considering all the costs of managing a claim alone.

When you work with a car accident lawyer, your lawyer will investigate the crash, collect evidence, and communicate with insurance companies on your behalf. This frees you up to focus on physical recovery and family time.

Additionally, many lawyers do not require clients filing lawsuits (plaintiffs) to pay hourly fees or a retainer upfront for their services. Instead, most attorneys will take personal injury cases on a contingency basis. This means they get 33% to 40% of the money they recover for their client.


Car accident attorneys do more than represent you in a lawsuit against the at-fault party’s insurance provider. They are your advocates and will be on your side throughout the process, from negotiating with insurance companies to presenting your case to a judge and jury.

A reasonable attorney will make sure they gather all the evidence required to prove liability in your claim, including photos of the accident scene, police report, medical records and bills, employment, and lost wage information, and noneconomic damages (pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and the resulting loss of enjoyment of life).

When choosing an auto injury lawyer, look for someone passionate about their work. You can tell this by how enthusiastically they discuss your case and the law. They should also respect your intelligence by explaining complex legal concepts in a way that makes sense to you.


Car accident lawyers must have excellent communication skills. They should clearly understand the case and evidence and help you determine if you have a claim worth pursuing. They should be honest about the likelihood of success and not overstate their abilities.

They will also be able to collect evidence to support your claim. This can include traffic cameras, business surveillance footage, and witness statements. They may even return to the scene and take photographs to ensure they cover all the bases when proving liability.

In addition to their professional expertise, you need an attorney that makes you a priority. Find one who returns calls and emails quickly and provides you with the information you need as soon as they are available.

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