The Different Types of Herbal Products

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the most predominant cannabinoid found in hemp and is known for its potential therapeutic effects. As its popularity has surged, a plethora of CBD product types has emerged on the market. This guide aims to introduce you to various CBD products available and help you make an informed choice, whether you are a first-time user or a seasoned enthusiast.

CBD Cigarettes

CBD cigarettes are made from hemp instead of tobacco and contain high concentrations of CBD, while having less than 0.3% THC. This means that they are non-psychoactive and won’t give you a “high” sensation. These cigarettes have become an attractive alternative for smokers looking to transition away from traditional tobacco or nicotine-based products.

Some benefits of CBD cigarettes include the familiar act of smoking, which can help people quit tobacco. Additionally, because they’re pre-rolled, the convenience of not needing to grind or roll your hemp is an added perk. Numerous CBD cigarettes makers also offer a variety of flavors and strengths to suit your preferences.

CBD Vapes

CBD vapes refer to electronic devices used to heat and inhale a CBD-infused liquid, known as vape juice or e-liquid. The resulting vapor allows for quick absorption of CBD into the bloodstream through the lungs, providing almost immediate effects.

CBD vapes provide rapid relief, making them ideal for individuals seeking immediate effects. Moreover, they are less harsh on the lungs compared to smoking and offer a discreet, odor-free experience.

Different Types of CBD Vape Products

Pre-filled CBD Vape Cartridges

Pre-filled CBD vape cartridges come with CBD-infused vape juice, which is heated and inhaled using a compatible vaping device. These are convenient and easy to use, as you only need to attach the cartridge to a vape pen battery.

CBD Vape Juice

CBD vape juice can be purchased separately and added to a refillable vape pen or vaporizer. This option offers more flexibility in terms of dosage and flavor choices.

Tips for Choosing a High-quality CBD Vape Product

When selecting a CBD vape product, look for reputable CBD vapes makers that use organic hemp, provide third-party lab test results, and avoid harmful ingredients.

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are products applied directly to the skin, delivering localized relief from discomfort or inflammation. As the CBD is absorbed through the skin, it does not enter the bloodstream, making topicals a great option for those who want targeted relief without systemic effects.

Various Forms of CBD Topicals

  • Creams and Lotions – CBD-infused creams and lotions are designed to moisturize and nourish the skin while providing targeted relief for sore muscles or joints.
  • Balms and Salves – CBD balms and salves offer a thicker, more concentrated application for areas in need of relief, such as aching muscles or irritated skin.
  • Patches – CBD patches are adhesive strips infused with CBD that release the compound slowly over an extended period, providing consistent relief for a specified duration.

Common Uses of CBD Topicals

Some common uses of CBD topicals include relief from joint pain, muscle soreness, inflammation, skin irritation, and other localized conditions.

Tips for Selecting and Using CBD Topicals

When choosing a CBD topical, look for products with third-party lab testing, high-quality ingredients, and a suitable concentration of CBD for your needs. Apply the product directly to the affected area, following the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are liquid extracts of hemp, typically made by steeping the plant material in alcohol or a carrier oil. They are taken sublingually (under the tongue) or added to food or beverages for oral consumption.

Types of CBD Tinctures

Full-spectrum CBD Tinctures

Full-spectrum tinctures contain all the naturally occurring compounds found in the hemp plant, including trace amounts of THC. This combination of compounds creates an “entourage effect,” enhancing the potential benefits of the product.

Broad-spectrum CBD Tinctures

Broad-spectrum tinctures include a range of cannabinoids and other compounds from the hemp plant, but have the THC completely removed, making them an ideal option for those who want to avoid THC altogether.

CBD Isolate Tinctures

CBD isolate tinctures contain only pure CBD, without any additional compounds from the hemp plant. These products are suitable for those who want a product free of THC and other cannabinoids.

Methods of Consumption

  • Sublingual Application – By placing a few drops of a CBD tincture under the tongue and holding it there for 30-60 seconds, the CBD is absorbed.
  • Adding to Food or Drinks – CBD tinctures can also be added to food or beverages, such as smoothies or coffee. This method of consumption is discreet but may result in a slower onset of effects due to the digestive process.

How to Choose a High-quality CBD Tincture

Selecting a high-quality CBD tincture involves looking for products with third-party lab testing, a clean extraction method, and organic hemp sourced from reputable growers.

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are food items infused with CBD, offering a tasty and discreet way to consume the compound. They come in various forms, strengths, and flavors, providing options for every palate.

CBD edibles offer a tasty and convenient way to consume CBD, making them an excellent choice for those who dislike the taste of tinctures or the act of vaping. Furthermore, they provide a discreet and portable option, making it easy to enjoy CBD on the go.

However, edibles take longer to take effect due to the digestion process and may have variable absorption rates depending on individual metabolism. It can be challenging to determine the exact dosage in homemade CBD edibles, potentially leading to inconsistent effects.

Popular Types of CBD Edibles

  • Gummies – CBD gummies are popular due to their pleasant taste, ease of use, and controlled dosage. They come in various flavors, shapes, and strengths.
  • Capsules – CBD capsules offer a convenient and precise way to consume CBD, with pre-measured doses in a familiar pill form.
  • Beverages – CBD-infused beverages, such as coffee, tea, or sparkling water, provide a refreshing and enjoyable way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine.
  • Baked Goods and Candies – From brownies and cookies to chocolates and hard candies, CBD-infused treats offer a delicious alternative for those who prefer their CBD with a touch of indulgence.

Tips for Choosing the Right CBD Edible

When selecting a CBD edible, look for products made by reputable CBD product manufacturing companies that use high-quality, organic ingredients and provide third-party lab test results. Additionally, consider your personal preferences in terms of taste, texture, and strength to ensure an enjoyable experience.

The diverse range of CBD products on the market today ensures that there is something for everyone. From CBD cigarettes and vapes for those seeking a smoking alternative, to topicals for targeted relief and tinctures for versatile consumption, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Edibles, including gummies and baked goods, offer a discreet and enjoyable way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine.

When choosing a CBD product, consider factors such as the desired method of consumption, the speed of onset, and the type of relief you’re seeking. Also, always prioritize products from reputable manufacturers that use high-quality ingredients and provide third-party lab testing.

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