The Most Painful Disorder Known To Man: What You Should Know About Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli December 8, 2022
Updated 2022/12/08 at 3:23 AM
The Most Painful Disorder Known To Man: What You Should Know About Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Painful disorders might haunt a family or individual for years. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is considered the most painful chronic pain disorder that has been recorded. The disease leads an inordinate amount of those suffering to suicide due to the constant pain. Mental health is difficult to maintain when you are constantly in severe pain. PTSD is another symptom of this disease that can impact the quality of sleep and life a person possesses.

About 3 out of 4 cases of CRPS are in females although the cause of the syndrome has not been identified. The truth is that treatment differs immensely by the patient as there could be co-occurring chronic conditions. Certain patients might respond extremely well to opioid painkillers while others find no relief. Studies are continually being done on the condition in order to find a way to bring relief to those suffering. Around 8 out of 10 patients see a reduction of pain within 2 years of treatment. Below will delve into what you need to know about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

CRPS Is Referred To As The Suicide Disease

Mental health should be a priority of anyone suffering from CRPS as it is nicknamed the suicide disease. The Spero Clinic notes that the suicide disease CRPS can be treated. “Our services are drug-free and non-invasive. Not everyone wants to be on pain medication. For example, many parents we see are looking for better treatment for their kids. We don’t prescribe opioids or ketamine.” Suffering from chronic pain is debilitating physically along with mentally. Anxiety and depression are both common in those dealing with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Seeking professional help is going to be of paramount importance to help a patient avoid becoming another suicide statistic.

Chronic pain is not something that an individual can explain to friends or family members. Speaking with others that are suffering or have suffered can be immensely beneficial. Tips that are given back and forth about how to avoid situations that trigger pain can be important. Talking about treatment options is another way that people can bond. Most with CRPS deal with poking from medical professionals far more than anyone would like to.

Support for those caring for someone in chronic pain is essential. A patient needs to put their mental health as a focus. Caregivers should not sacrifice their mental health for the good of another. A caregiver should focus when mental health while giving care is possible. Support groups for those taking care of family members suffering from chronic conditions can help immensely.

Addiction can be a problem for those suffering from CRPS for a variety of reasons. Numbing feelings could be a reason for drinking for many. This occurs while opioids are being prescribed by some medical providers. Coping with substances can be a slippery slope as addiction can form quickly.

Treatment Needs To Be A Top Priority

Neglecting treatment can lead to muscles deteriorating to the point where it could take years to rehabilitate them. Treatments do differ drastically as medical professionals try to bring relief to patients in an array of ways. Clinical trials are also an option if a patient has been resistant to nearly every other form of treatment. This can be perfect for those 15 percent of those with CRPS that find little to no relief from traditional treatment methods. Finding relief through treatment might take work but living a high quality of life is so important to sufferers of this condition.

Building A Support System Is A Necessity

The support system around you can impact your response to treatment and keep your spirits high. The system you create will be a combination of medical professionals, friends, and family. Certain clinics that specialize in treating chronic pain conditions create a sense of community among patients. Trying to take on the most painful disorder currently known alone is a recipe for disaster. Too many patients feel like a burden to ask for help which can lead to their overall health deteriorating. Talking to other patients can be so important as they might have ideas for how to live a relatively normal life.

Living in pain is a burden for so many people that put on a brave face. CRPS can be treated so do not give up hope as everyone responds to treatment differently. Medical knowledge along with treatment options have multiplied over the years for so many neurological conditions. Take the time if you or someone you know are suffering to see all of the treatment options currently available.

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