The Top 5 Devices to Play FIFA

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

FIFA video games have captured the minds of sports fans and gamers alike. The immersive gameplay allows users to live out their La Liga predictions. Users can take their favorite teams and players to the heights of soccer’s biggest stages.

Getting the best gameplay experience largely depends on the device used to play the game. So, let’s explore five devices to play FIFA games. Each device offers a different gameplay experience to suit different needs and tastes.


Leading off, there’s the Xbox. The Xbox has firmly maintained its position within the console market thanks to its killer graphics and realistic gameplay. In addition, the Xbox can handle the latest graphic-intense games without a hitch.

Playing FIFA on the Xbox feels like you are on the pitch next to the game’s biggest superstars. Unfortunately, the 4K graphics make distinguishing real-life action from the game virtually impossible.

Despite being one of the most expensive options on the market, the Xbox delivers an unbeatable gameplay experience. Sports and gamers looking for the ultimate experience should check out the Xbox. It’s a great companion to go with a 4K television.


No discussion about playing FIFA would be complete without mentioning the PS4. Sony’s flagship console offers an immersive gameplay experience while delivering stunning graphics. In addition, the PS4 can easily handle the most demanding games, providing users with an entirely new gameplay experience.

The PS4 allows users to play out their La Liga picks in 4K quality but without the Xbox’s hefty price tag. Thus, the PS4 is a wonderful alternative to play FIFA, among other great titles. In addition, online gameplay is a huge plus for players in multiplayer environments.

iOS Devices

iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhones have become ubiquitous worldwide. So, it’s no surprise to see these devices joining the FIFA gameplay party. Users can experience playing FIFA on their iPhones and iPad by installing the FIFA game app.

While the FIFA iOS app may lack some of the game action the Nintendo Switch offers, it’s an excellent option for those wanting to play FIFA but not quite willing to purchase a Switch.

Users report enjoying the action more on the iPad’s larger screen. Nevertheless, the iPhone’s smaller screen does not diminish FIFA’s overall exciting gameplay experience.

Ultimately, iOS devices allow sports fans and gamers to get in on the FIFA game action without spending on a new console.

Gaming PCs

PCs continue to capture a significant chunk of the gaming market. High-end gaming PCs can make mince meat out of the most graphics-intensive games. Top-performing desktops and laptops provide some of the best gameplay experiences.

Additionally, users can switch between playing FIFA and other games and tasks. Playing FIFA on a PC allows players to experience extraordinary gameplay without sacrificing performance. Combining PCs with top-notch displays (such as a 4K television or high-end gaming monitor) can deliver the ultimate experience.

Nintendo Switch

FIFA enthusiasts can find various options for playing while on the go. The Nintendo Switch gives players a chance to experience FIFA everywhere they go.

Playing FIFA (or any other high-end soccer video game) on the Nintendo Switch offers a singular experience. Its powerful graphics and seamless game action rival the big console players like the Xbox or PS4.

On the downside, some users may find playing on smaller screens restrictive. Nevertheless, the Nintendo Switch makes playing La Liga, Premier League, Bundesliga, or Champions League a unique handheld experience.

The Last Word

Choosing between game consoles, high-end devices, and PC behemoths can be tricky. Ultimately, it boils down to players’ specific preferences.

Players who want a dedicated gaming experience may find playing FIFA on the Xbox or PS4 the best choice. Alternatively, gamers on the go prefer handheld devices such as the Nintendo Switch or iPad to suit their needs.

Lastly, gaming PCs can deliver the best graphics, gameplay, and user experience. Although expensive, gaming PCs can take the FIFA gameplay experience to another level.

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