Top 7 Types of Kitchen Faucets for Modern Homes

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Kitchen sanitation is crucial for homes, restaurants, and buildings with kitchen setups. Paying due attention to it does a lot for:

  • Prevention of Bacterial Contamination
  • Prevention of Cross-Contamination
  • Ensuring Food Safety & Quality
  • Pest Prevention
  • Creation of a Pleasant Cooking Setup
  • Regulatory Compliance – Especially for commercial setups that have kitchens

Faucets (taps) play a crucial role in ensuring kitchen sanitation. This is why choosing the right type is vital. Fortunately, this article intends to make your decision-making process a lot easier and well-informed by discussing some of the top kitchen faucets for modern homes. So, keep reading to stay informed.

Stylish Kitchen Faucets for the Modern Home

Faucets are meant to serve very functional purposes in kitchens. However, they are supposed to offer more than just their functionality in modern homes. They also need to offer aesthetic quality, to improve the look and feel of this immediate environment.

As a result, some options stand out, particularly for this reason. High on the list of such kitchen faucets include the following:

1. Pull-Out

It shares similarities with several other options, particularly the pull-down option (as discussed below). However, its notable difference is its spray head and a much shorter spout.

By the way, its spray head is one of its most remarkable features as it can be easily directed. Overall, some benefits of opting for this type include:

  • Ideal Enough for Setups with Smaller Sinks – Not every option comes in handy for small sinks
  • Versatility – It can fit in various setups
  • Efficient Water Control – Water conservation is very realistic with this option. This is seeing how it spray head offers precision at the highest level
  • Easy handling

Furthermore, it generally looks aesthetically pleasing. However, you have to be particular about choosing something that aligns with your preferences.

2. Pull-Down

It has a flexible spray head, just as with the option discussed above. However, how it can be controlled is what makes the difference, seeing that it is pulled down.

Its pull-down feature is largely a result of its high arc design. Some of its benefits include the following:

  • Ideal for Setups with Deep Sinks
  • Versatility – Water supply is possible in a variety of motions
  • Spray flexibility – Its spray technique is not rigid as some other options are
  • Great for Cleaning Large Surfaces

Many people also regard it as one of the best options for filling up large pots. However, this also depends on the size of the sink beneath.

3. Touchless

It is perhaps the best option for people who want something that offers technological advantages. The fact that you do not have to go through the stress of directly turning on or turning off water is the major reason for this.

It is equipped with specially designed motion sensors that offer hand-free operations by simply detecting hand movements around it. Some of its overall benefits include:

  • It Is Very Hygienic – Some people leave the faucet dirty even after making it help with sanitizing other things. This is less likely to happen since you would not need to touch it
  • Water Efficiency – This is because water will not be left running if it is not needed
  • Stress-Free – Holding things in your hands and still navigating how to turn on and turn out conventional faucets can be stressful. Thankfully, this would not be an issue with this option

However, top-quality options must be used. For example, this ensures that issues of false activation do not arise. For more information on the way this option typically works, you can check:

4. Commercial-Styled

Besides the home, other settings have and/or require a kitchen. Some of them are commercial settings like restaurants, bars, and processed food production factories. These commercial settings have their peculiarities and the faucets used should be designed to address those peculiarities.

This is one of the major inspirations behind this option. For example, their spray heads are usually more powerful than regular options. Overall, some of the benefits include:

  • Durability – It is designed to withstand the demands of being used in commercial environments
  • Suitability for usage in very busy kitchens
  • Varying Spray Settings

This option is usually more bulky and larger. As a result, ensure that there is enough space to accommodate it.

5. Double-Handle

This option comes with separate handles, as the name suggests. Ideally, one handle is for the supply of hot water, while the other is for the supply of cold water. As a result, people who use such enjoy water with precise temperature control. Some of its benefits include that it offers:

  • Temperature Adjustment
  • Classic Design
  • Suitable for a Wide Range of Kitchen – Including vintage-styled and traditional kitchens

Its installation process is a bit more complex. For one, this is because it would be dealing with two holes. As a result, its installation is even more complex when there is only one drilled hole.

6. Pot Filler

It is worth mentioning that this option does not replace the sink-stationed faucets. The reason is that it is situated above the stove to make it easier to fill pots.

Furthermore, there are extendable arm options, which can be folded out and back towards the wall. Overall, some of the benefits of pot-filler faucets include:

  • Convenience – You do not have to carry a large-sized pot filled with water from the sink to the stove/burner
  • High Water Dispersal Rate – Pots are usually filled quickly with water
  • Space-Saver – This is particularly the case with extendable arm options

Once again, you should bear in mind that this option does not replace sink-stationed faucets. So, also pay attention to making the right choice in that regard.

7. Filter Faucets

This is a very ideal option for people with water quality concerns. The reason is it comes with an in-built filtration setup. As a result, you get filtered water.

Top-quality filter faucets can significantly improve water quality, particularly by reducing arsenic levels. This is very important because of the dangers associated with using water that has high arsenic levels. You can click here for more insight.


Modern homes deserve kitchen faucets that offer the best functional and aesthetic experience. This is why homeowners and occupants should give serious thought to their choice of kitchen faucets. Well, this article has filled you in on seven great options and you should at least consider them.

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