Top 8 Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

All around the globe, many people like riding motorcycles for fun. Due to their enthusiasm for motorcycle riding, motorcyclists are the most at-risk road users. A biker is 26x more likely to be killed in an accident than a passenger traveling in a car. Before attempting risky stunts on a motorbike, it is essential to master the basics of riding correctly.

Most motorcycle accidents result in some degree of injury, whether minor or severe, regardless of the level of protective gear used. We have listed some of the significant motorcycle injuries below. Moreover, keep reading to know what to do in a motorcycle accident.

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Injuries to the legs and feet are frequent in motorbike crashes. Taking care of your knees, calves, and ankles is essential. Most people who get these wounds will survive but may become permanently disabled if not given the care they need.

Road Rash

Most motorcycle accident victims suffer from road rash. This is since the rider slides over the pavement after being propelled from his motorbike. It’s not just a scratch or bruise; this is far worse. The intensity of the scraping action removes superficial layers of skin and muscle. A biker may fly directly over the handlebars if there aren’t any seatbelts. According to physics principles, whatever goes up must also fall. Leather riding breeches, a leather jacket, and leather gloves are essential.


Biker’s Arm refers to a situation when a biker gets flung off the bike upon collision. Seat Belts provide safety for the vast majority of automobile occupants. When they are struck, they are shielded from the elements by being enclosed in their automobiles and seat belts. These precautions are not accessible for motorbikes. When a person falls, their arms absorb some force to preserve their more delicate upper body structures, such as the bones and nerves in the hands and arms. If you do this, you risk damaging your upper body and arm nerves irreparably.

Muscle Tear

When you’re on a motorbike, there’s no way to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city. There is no part of the body immune to muscle injury. In extreme cases, paralysis may result. Wear a hard hat, earplugs, and many layers of protective clothing. A motorcycle leather jacket’s primary function is to shield the rider’s skin from the elements. Knee and elbow protectors are also recommended for usage beneath.

Head and Neck

Motorcycle accidents are responsible for most injuries, including head and neck injuries such as concussions and skull fractures. Your skull houses your brain, the most significant and crucial organ in your whole body. Helmets significantly lessen injuries. Thus it’s essential to keep them safe at all times.

In the moments after a car crash, your body will feel normal again. Ignore your instincts and get checked out at the hospital immediately to ensure you haven’t sustained any life-threatening injuries. Due to the initial shock, some injuries may go undetected for days or even weeks.


The ribs shield the thorax (the upper trunk). The heart, lungs, and other vital organs are kept in the chest. Direct impact on the chest may cause internal bleeding. This may potentially lead to organ failure. Motorcycle accident victims often suffer from broken ribs. This may tear the spleen, kidney, or liver and even puncture a lung. Accidents on two wheels increase the risk of suffering from life-threatening pulmonary damage. Ventilation and surgical procedures are common treatments for lung damage.


The liver and spleen, among other abdominal organs, are particularly vulnerable to damage in a motorbike accident. The tragedy is that many bikers don’t even know they’ve been hurt until it’s too late. It is much more challenging to spot internal injuries than external ones.

Liver or spleen damage may cause internal bleeding and infection. In extreme circumstances, these wounds might be fatal. Abdominal discomfort, bruising, and low blood pressure are all symptoms that may result from an internal injury. An accident victim may require medical care if they exhibit any of these signs.


Spinal cord and spinal column injuries are among the most devastating types of trauma. Nerves in the spinal cord carry messages from the brain to the muscles. Different degrees of paralysis exists, such as quadriplegia (complete paralysis from the neck down) and triciplegia (paralysis of the thighs alone).

The inability to breathe, incontinence, and erectile dysfunction are also possible outcomes of other types of spinal injury.

These injuries sometimes need extensive hospitalization followed by months or even years of rehabilitation, during which patients may need to see many doctors and experts. Motorcycle riders typically suffer from ongoing discomfort as a result of these injuries. People are unable to go back to work in large numbers.

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