Ultrahuman Launches New Smart Ring

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Tech startup company Ultrahuman has recently launched its new smart ring, the Ultrahuman Ring.

The smart ring offers several fitness tracking and sleep-tracking features for monitoring movement and sleep. The electronic product can also be paired with Ultrahuman’s glucose monitoring patch for metabolic tracking.

As for the design, the Ultrahuman Ring is somewhat similar to the Oura Ring, featuring a temperature sensor, motion sensor and heart rate sensor. The smart ring does not offer haptic feedback or a screen where users can view their data- it’s fed through the Ultrahuman app and requires a smartphone.

The Ultrahuman Ring has a tungsten carbide coating and is made from titanium material, as well as a battery life of 4-6 days on a single full charge. Ultrahuman’s smart ring will be available to preorder beginning July 7, with shipping expected in August. The ring retails for $299 and is discounted for the first 3,000 buyers.

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