Warming Up Spaces: Embracing the Benefits of Electric Floor Heating

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Electric floor heating is one of the safest and healthiest options when selecting a heating system for your house, and it is becoming more and more popular.

Electric floor heating enhances thermal comfort in your home while providing an environment with better air quality and humidity levels. 

For homes hoping to improve overall comfort levels and effectively control their energy use, underfloor heating is an excellent heating option.

A child-friendly option

Pets and children can both enjoy a comfortable and secure living environment thanks to electric floor heating. As such, with electric underfloor heating there is no chance of burns or electrical shock, and no hot surfaces for kids to come into contact with.

Because of this, many healthcare facilities and retirement communities use floor heating as a safe and comfortable alternative to traditional heating systems such as radiators and forced air.

Improved health benefits

Electric floor heating, as opposed to forced air heating, is a more environmentally and health-friendly option. Asthma and allergy attacks can be triggered by the forced air systems in your home since these circulate dust, allergens, and viruses throughout the entire house. They can be loud and disruptive, and they may not heat your home evenly, leading to cold spots.

Radiant floor heating operates quietly. You’ll wake up refreshed and well-rested without the constant whirring of ceiling fans, the abrupt whoosh of air through the ducts, or the banging of radiators.

Due to the rapid response and consistent warmth provided by radiant heating, there is no need to adjust the thermostat constantly or get out of bed in the middle of the night to adjust the temperature. If you have radiant heat, you can adjust the temperature in your bedroom to your liking regardless of the preferences of those in other rooms.

Consistent comfort delivered efficiently

One of the primary drawcards of the LuxHeat mat system is its ability to efficiently heat rooms while using very little power.

On the other hand, conventional radiators and other heating systems require a far higher temperature setting in order to achieve the same degree of comfort. In addition, radiators and similar devices only warm the air right around them, leaving other areas of the room noticeably and uncomfortably cooler.

Traditional heating systems produce a stuffy indoor atmosphere, compelling residents to open windows for ventilation. This vents the heated air outside, so wasting the cost of running the radiator.

Electric floor heating, which heats the space from the ground up, is an excellent option in these settings. This system keeps the indoor area at an equal temperature and eliminates the possibility of cold spots.

Greater design freedom

LuxHeat benefits are bolstered by the fact that it provides interior designers and homeowners with unrestricted creative licence.

Because their components are hidden underfloor, a wide range of flooring and other interior design elements are possible. Added to this, there are no bulky radiators or other heating components in plain sight, so these systems make homes not only toasty but also aesthetically pleasing.

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