What Does Wearing Matching Underwear Sets Vs. Mismatched Symbolize?

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

It is a common misconception that matching underwear sets are for showing off. You may prefer to wear matching bras and underwear for a hidden boost of confidence, even if you are the only one who appreciates your subtle sense of style. Find out what wearing matching or mismatched underwear for women says about your personality and get tips for shopping for matching underwear sets or separates.

What Does Wearing Matching Underwear Sets Say About You?

If you prefer to wear sets of matching underwear, you probably pay attention to details. You might also have favorite colors or styles of underwear that you want to wear all the time. If your lingerie collection includes a variety of bra and underwear designs, you may enjoy trying new things and pride yourself on being prepared for any occasion.

Matching sets of underwear can be designed for different activities or outfits. For example, a t shirt bra and ComfortStretch bikini, brief or thong underwear provide everyday comfort. While you could wear these pieces under formal clothing, these styles are designed to complement t-shirts and other casual garments. A matching Lace Contour Plunge Bra and Lace Back Cheeky or Lace High Brief have a fancier look, but you could also pair this underwear set with your favorite loungewear.

What Does Wearing Mismatched Underwear Say About You?

Some people buy sets of underwear and then mix and match bras and underwear from different sets. Others buy bras and underwear separately. If you don’t mind wearing mismatched underwear, your personality may be more low-key and relaxed than someone who always makes sure that their underwear matches.

Whether you have matching underwear for every bra, even if you don’t always wear these pieces together, or you prefer to combine your favorite separates, you can still look and feel good in mismatched underwear. A good fit is the most important consideration when buying underwear. Make sure that your bras are the correct band and cup size or look up bra sister sizes to get styles you want that are out of stock in your size. Your underwear should also be comfortable. Check the size guide to match your waist and hip measurements or dress size with a size of underwear.

How Do You Shop for Matching Underwear Sets and Separates?

The best way to shop for matching underwear sets is to select your favorite bra and look for options to complete the look. When you select a bra color, the pairing choices under the right sidebar may change to reflect the availability of matching sets. Shopping for separates is easy. Look for any bras or underwear that you like without worrying about finding the perfect match.

Whether you prefer to wear matching underwear or you don’t mind wearing mismatched underwear, it is important to choose comfortable bras and underwear. Shop for bras in your band and cup size and your favorite styles of underwear. You can buy sets in matching colors and styles, look for similar separates or simply pick out your favorite pieces.

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