What You Should Know About Online Yoga Classes

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Today, everything is available online and the same goes for yoga. While online yoga classes have always been there but the pandemic has really set the ball rolling as people had no option but to opt for online classes. Things are getting back to normal and now, you have the option to choose between online classes and in-person classes. In this article, we will explore various pros and cons of taking yoga classes online form professionals such as Dani Sheil and how to choose the best online classes for yoga.


Save money –

One of the biggest advantages of an online class over an in-studio class is that you get to save quite a bit of money. In-studio classes are typically expensive and for the price of that membership, you could get access to a whole range of online classes. In fact, online classes turn out to be much cheaper as compared to yoga DVDs. If you have a couple of friends or other members of your family who want to do yoga, everybody can work out together and take advantage of the single membership.

Huge variety on offer —

When you join an in-person yoga class, you are limited to a particular instructor or a couple of instructors but that is not the case with online classes. It opens up the whole world for you. If you like online yoga, you could subscribe to instructors from across the globe and do a lot more. Many providers offer a lot more than yoga such as Pilates, meditation and more.

New learnings —

With in-person yoga offerings, you are limited to a particular style or a couple of styles. When you open yourself to online classes, you’ll find that there is a lot that yoga has to offer. You’ll find new approaches, styles and new ways to do things. You get access to a lot more as there are thousands of instructors online and everybody offers something new.

Convenience —

When you are in an in-person class, you have to follow what the instructors and other students are doing but that’s not the case with online classes. You have the freedom to choose a particular type of session that fits your energy levels, intensity, and style. For instance, if you only have 15 free minutes in the day to do yoga and you don’t want to do something too complex or tough, you can always find something that works perfectly for you. On other days, you could opt for longer sessions.


While there are several advantages of online classes, it also has certain limitations.

Not for everyone — One of the biggest advantages of online classes is that you can do it at your own pace but not everybody likes it. Many people give up midway in an online yoga session but that flexibility isn’t there in a live class. There is peer pressure in in-person classes to finish the session but no such pressure exists in an online class. When you go to an in-person class, you will be there for the entire session but that’s not the case with online classes.

Missing intensity —

Since that personal touch is missing in online classes, the intensity isn’t always there unless you opt-in for a one-on-one class. That personal touch is something that gives a lot more satisfaction to most people.

Lack of personal instruction —

When you take online classes and you are not following the pose correctly, there is no one to tell you which is not the case with in-person classes. In a live studio class, a teacher focuses on your technique, style and alignment. They will keep nagging you until you learn to do a pose in the right manner, but that personalized attention is missing in online classes. Also, there is a lack of communication in online classes.

It’s important to mention here that there are teachers that offer one-on-one calls, but such calls are usually expensive.

Technology issues —

Online classes rely on technology and technology delivers most of the times but at times, you may not be able to attend a class due to Internet issues at your end or at the instructor’s end.

How to Choose the Best Online Yoga Classes?

Online yoga has become a lot more popular during the pandemic which means there are a lot of instructors available online. It also means that not everybody is going to be right for you. Here are a few things you should consider when choosing an online yoga class.

Most online instructors or schools offer free sessions to attract new students. If you are planning to take online classes, check out their free sessions. If they don’t offer a free session, they might have posted some videos on either their website or on YouTube or other popular streaming platforms. It’s a great way for you to understand what you can expect if you take their paid classes.

You should be clear about your goals and choose a yoga teacher that teaches what you want. If you are after a particular style of yoga, it doesn’t make sense to sign up with someone who teaches a different style.

It is also important to review your experience after a time. You may continue the classes for a few weeks or a month and then, you can decide whether they are the right teacher for you.

An important thing you should consider is whether you feel comfortable with them and whether it is easy for you to approach them. We are talking about communication. If you have certain doubts or you want some kind of help, you should be able to approach your instructor and clarify your doubts. If they are not willing to communicate or they lack communication skills, it is time for you to look elsewhere.

Pricing is a sensitive issue but we have observed that prices for most online classes are affordable. Think of it as another streaming subscription but one that is great for your health. If you plan to subscribe to a particular class, don’t forget to ask them whether there is a free trial or some kind of discount.

Final Thoughts

Overall, online yoga has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. There are thousands of yoga instructors available online. Online yoga classes have their advantages and limitations. Online classes offer the kind of flexibility you don’t get with in-person programs, but that personal touch and peer pressure is missing in online classes. They are great for corporate yoga and meditation classes as they are an easier and safer way of getting groups together.

Online classes are not for everyone but it’s a great option for you when you are short of time and want to do yoga at your own pace instead of following a particular routine.

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