Who is Liable for Slip and Fall Accidents in Los Angeles?

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

In Los Angeles, people get injuries every year from dangers that the property owners could have prevented. While some of these accidents are minor, others result in catastrophic injuries. You must get justice for your preventable accident. You deserve justice for someone’s negligent actions. If you or a loved one had an accident and is struggling with losses like lost wages, medical bills, and other damages, you should contact a lawyer who can help you pursue compensation from the liable parties. Other liable parties in a slip and fall accident include.

Commercial tenants

There are many businesses like retail stores, grocery stores, and malls that do not own their location but rent it from property owners. The liability lies with the property or premise owner. However, if a careless employee failed to remove a hazard within a reasonable time, such as cleaning a spill, then the commercial tenant may be held liable for the damages the victim has sustained. These stores are held to a standard as they are public spaces that are constantly filled with people. They must continue to check the area for spills and ensure the proper measurements are taken care of.

Property managers

Sometimes a management company is responsible for maintaining the premises, and there are many assisted living facilities and apartment complexes which rely on this type of relationship. They are the ones who are responsible for overseeing the property and making sure everything is in order. Therefore, if someone gets injuries from an accident caused by warped floorboards, dim lighting, or wet surfaces from leaky pipes, then the property managers may be held legally responsible for any injuries that victims have sustained. They must check on these items and if they are not doing their job, they must be held responsible.

Another homeowner

If you get into an accident while visiting a residential location, then you can hold the owner of that residence responsible for your damages. However, you will need to get information about their homeowner’s insurance policy to file your claim. It’s important to get that information before leaving the premises. You can build a valid claim that you can take to a slip and fall lawyer in Los Angeles. They will make sure that you receive what you are owed for your injuries.

Injuries in the workplace

If you get injured while working in the workplace, then the workplace may be responsible for compensating you for your losses. If you want to take legal action, you should call your worker’s comp insurance. In some cases, there is usually a negligent party that can be held responsible for any resulting losses after an accident. However, if you sustained injuries while you were in an area that is off-limits to the public, or if you were trespassing, then the property owner is not obligated to compensate you for your losses. Therefore, you may be unable to recover compensation if you are considered comparatively negligent.

When to contact an attorney

If your accident caused bruising, bone fractures, brain injury, head injury, or other medical complications, then you should contact an attorney. The personal injuries give you grounds to sue the negligent parties. You may recover damages such as medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, disability expenses, and emotional distress. The attorney can fight for fair damage recovery and do everything he or she can do to get a positive outcome in your case. In addition, the legal expert can ensure you get full compensation. It’s important to reach out to a legal team immediately after your accident.


If you got injuries from an accident that was caused by negligent parties, then you can take legal action against them and recover damages. Some of the liable parties that you can sue under premises liability law include property owners, property managers, other homeowners, commercial tenants, or the workplace. If you were following the rules, you qualify to file a slip and fall claim. Be sure to hire a legal professional who specializes in this field. They will make sure that you are covered throughout your whole case.

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