Who is Responsible if You Get Hurt While Shopping?

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Malls are a popular tourist and local attraction in New Jersey due to the variety of retailers, restaurants, and other attractions they house. There is always a risk of getting hurt while enjoying the many benefits that shopping malls offer. In such cases, assigning blame might be difficult, and a Sacramento personal injury lawyer can help.

Establishing the duty of care owed by a shopping center’s owner or manager to patrons is essential for assigning fault in the event of an accident. The proprietors of retail establishments in New Jersey are obligated by law to ensure the safety of their patrons. As part of this responsibility, you must regularly inspect the property, fix any hazards as soon as possible, and install sufficient security measures.

Possible Responsible Parties:

  • Owners and Managers of Shopping Centers: Owners and management of the mall bear the primary burden of ensuring the safety of its patrons. If relevant, this also includes property management firms. They must take care of potential dangers as soon as possible and effectively.
  • Shops renting space in the mall are responsible for ensuring the security of their own premises. A business owner may be held accountable for damages sustained by customers because of unsafe premises. However, the scope of the store’s blame is determined by the terms of the lease and the level of authority the business exercises over the property.
  • Shopping centers frequently employ security firms to ensure the safety of mall patrons. There may be shared responsibility for injuries that occur on the premises if security guards do not act responsibly.

Workers in charge of the shopping center’s upkeep and cleanliness may be held liable for any injuries resulting from their carelessness.

Frequent Injuries:

  • Injury Due to a Slip and Fall: Slip and fall accidents are common and often the result of wet flooring, dirt, or uneven surfaces. If the mall’s management knew about the danger and did nothing to fix it, they might be held liable.
  • Accidents on Escalators and Lifts: Accidents involving escalators and elevators can occur due to mechanical breakdowns, improper maintenance, or a lack of basic safety precautions. Both the shopping center and the upkeep service could be held responsible.
  • Theft, assault, and harassment are just some crimes that can occur on mall property if proper safety precautions are not taken. The shopping center might be held legally responsible if it turns out that insufficient security was provided.
  • Head injuries and other injuries can be caused by objects falling from shelves and displays.
  • Incidents in Parking Lots Badly lit or neglected parking lots increase the risk of vehicle collisions and criminal acts.
  • Food poisoning: there is always the chance of getting sick from something you eat at a mall food court.
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