Wild December Pursuits: A Guide to the Ultimate Buffalo Hunting Experience

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

When it comes to Cape Buffalo Hunts, few places can match South Africa for its unique combination of breathtaking scenery, knowledgeable guides, and fascinating local culture.

Its varied environment, from lush bushveld to wide savannah, provides the perfect setting for a thrilling hunt. South Africa is the premier destination for Cape Buffalo hunting because you can get expert advice from locals and experience a new culture firsthand.

South Africa’s hunting landscapes range from lush bushveld to vast savannah. Experienced guides will be available to show you the ropes and explain the habits of the Cape buffalo. While you’re in South Africa, why not take advantage of the local cuisine and culture?

With so much to experience, read on to discover our top tips for the ultimate buffalo hunting experience.

Select the best rifle and ammunition

The success of your hunt greatly depends on the weapon you choose. Choose a high-quality firearm and ammo that is appropriate for Cape Buffalo hunting. Consult with local specialists for tips targeted to your specific hunting spot.

Employ the right stalking tactics

Hunting Cape Buffalo on foot is a thrilling experience. You begin a hunt by looking for new signs of activity, such as tracks or Buffalo dung. These are common around water sources or on unpaved roadways.

You’ll need to be careful from here on out as you stalk the herd in search of your prize. Typically, you will be able to approach within twenty to thirty yards of the buffalo.

When aiming, the “boiler room” or essential organs are the target of choice. The optimum way to fire your shot will be suggested by your PH.

If you hit the buffalo square in the head, it will groan and bolt, giving you a clear indication of its impending death with a loud bellow. Shots of any calibre are unlikely to bring a mature bull to the ground unless they strike the spine.

Use the correct shot placement

If your first shot at a Cape Buffalo misses, the other fourteen will just serve to further agitate the animal.

As a result, unless the animal is quite close, a head-on view is not recommended. Broadside shots work best when taken at the shoulder or slightly behind the shoulder.

When the adrenaline is pumping and the Cape buffalo has been injured, it can be quite tough to put him down, no matter how well you hit him with your initial shot. While aiming precisely, shoot faster with your hunting rifle.

Follow the expert advice of your professional hunter when deciding where to fire and what kind of gun to use.

Final Thoughts

Cape Buffalo hunting is the most popular and addictive form of dangerous game hunting in Africa.  And South Africa is where you’ll have the best luck hunting Cape buffalo. 

Cape Buffalo hunting excursions in South Africa take place in huge reserves close to Kruger National Park, as well as on fenced farms.

There are a lot of great hunting spots within a couple of hours’ drive of the airport.  A charter flight might be arranged if the client prefers to limit travel time to a minimum. 

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