How Kevin David Uses Affiliate Marketing to Make Millions

Lynn Martelli
Lynn Martelli

Kevin David is a renowned name in today’s online entrepreneurial field. He has vast experience in producing fascinating YouTube videos, possesses a highly entertaining YouTube channel, as well as has a great understanding of how to earn money online.

He is a self-made millionaire entrepreneur who has achieved several awards because of his prestigious accomplishments. And Kevin David is also famous in the field of Affiliate marketing programs.

This article will rounds up all you need to understand about Kevin David and his affiliate marketing to know how he earned so much money. So, keep reading on to know how Kevin David managed to earn millions in such a short period.

How Does Kevin David Make Millions Via Affiliate Marketing Program?

Before Kevin David stepped into Shopify dropshipping and the Amazon affiliate game, he was an accountant who just had completed his graduation from Oregon State. Then he started an affiliate marketing program and soon started earning money. Here is how he earned so much in such a short period.

Affiliate Marketing: Assessed Earning Is Around $45 to $50K

Normally, Affiliate marketing is advertising someone else’s items and earning commissions for that after a successful sale. Kevin David is into affiliate marketing as well as is earning a handsome amount from it.

He used many techniques to produce revenue via various channels, such as Facebook advertisements. These advertisements turn the audience to a certain page of the service/product Kevin is advertising, and this’s how he earns commissions on affiliation.

Moreover, Kevin David provides links to software and tools which Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) associates utilize, including Jungle Scout, Helium 10, etc.

Kevin even dealt with his digital courses utilizing ClickFunnels as well as made a handsome amount there. The revenue from affiliate marketing differs on many factors, for example,  the brand you’re working with as well as the commission, so anticipating Kevin’s revenue from this source isn’t easy but rather very daunting.

Selling Merchandise: Assessed Earning- Not Revealed Yet

Kevin David has his involvement in more or less every niche that can let him earn money online. We often see his merchandise online, as it’s popular in his Ninjas.

He has added numerous apparel to his online pack, which are letting him earn a handsome amount of money. Nevertheless, the numbers are not clear yet, since not everybody on his team accepts the products.

Investments: Assessed Monthly Earning Is Around $50 to $60K

Along with putting money in the web world, David owns a few decent investments in real estate, stocks, and also retirement funds. Kevin earns a handsome profit for his deposited money in several A/Cs.

Kevin is making around $50 to $60K each month from these investments. David is a very smart investor, as well as he, is very aware of the media that helps him quickly expand his money.

Now as you know how much Kevin David makes through Affiliate Marketing, let’s find out how you can take advantage of his program and start earning money like him.

So, here is the detailed information regarding the digital courses Kevin David offers.

The Kevin David Affiliate Marketing Program

In case you wish to become an affiliate marketer like Kevin David using his affiliate program, then start by selecting the programs first. Some noteworthy programs comprise the Shopify Program, the Facebook Advertisements Program, and also the Amazon FBA Program.

Choose any one of these programs of Kevin David or go for all if you’re a skilled affiliate marketer. Typically, these programs focus on people who wish to undertake an online trade, and people who can even perform for individuals who already have online businesses.

How Much Commission Does Kevin David’s Affiliate Program Pay?

The affiliate program of Kevon David presents a commission of around 41 to 50%, as well as the commission, will differ from one product to another. Kevin’s webinars transform well, and pay out more than $1,000,000 to affiliates as he launched these programs.

The payments are generally processed by Tipalti, which is a third-party processor for payment that makes quick payments via Check, Wire Transfer, and also PayPal.

Its affiliate program Kevin contains high ticket charges. The least costly course is only $497, as well as some, even cost $1000. Considering you’ll earn 50% as soon as someone purchases using your fellow link, you can make around $500 commission.

Certainly, you’ll just get a commission as soon as someone reaches his products, utilizing your affiliate link. As earlier mentioned, Kevin has spent over 1 million dollars on several affiliates advertising his courses.

How Does Kevin David’s Affiliate Program Work?

Generally, Kevin David presents his Ninja Masterclasses in Four different fields created with a similar structure and format. Each course uses lengthy training videos, weekly webinars, confidential Facebook groups, and also 1-on-1 with Kevin David. Furthermore, you’ll get additional rewards during these courses and earn well as soon as your affiliate link makes a sale of a product/service.

Additionally, Kevin David possesses a library of around 100 extra video training to use for you. Furthermore, Kevin has private Facebook groups as well as live webinars. All these allow one direct entry to his edited details. The webinars are particularly useful because he recognizes that e-commerce quickly changes.

Kevin is acquainted that tips & tricks that have been performed well before and can be outdated within a few weeks only. Each training comes with a specific Facebook group where learners share experience and knowledge as well as strategies and success that work.

David is normally active in those Facebook groups as well as acts as the moderator of the groups and, along with other successful learners, will provide data that keeps the students in the correct direction.


Kevin David has been involved in the affiliate marketing game, an idea where one impacts potential buyers by suggesting services and products to them. While it partly depends on someone’s effort, it’s well paying.

Kevin David knows exactly how to use his sources to influence others and make money through affiliate links. Thus, he has managed to earn millions in such a short period using his affiliate links.

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